•  consulting in the field of optimizing manners of employment,    
  • providing advice on all aspects concerning entering and dissolving of employment contracts, including group layoffs, as well as preparing and reviewing employment contracts,    
  • reviewing, revising, drafting and negotiating agreements with company’s board members, senior executives, including management contracts, share option programs,    
  • counseling on conditions of processing and protection of employees` personal data,    
  • preparation of non-competition and confidentiality agreements,    
  • review and preparation of internal rules of work, remuneration schemes, company welfare fund and  employee loans regulations, as well as other employment benefits shames,    
  • legal advice on employee aspects of flotation, takeover and M&A,    
  • representation in front of  labor courts,    
  • advising on the employment of foreigners.

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dorota Imielska-Zadrożny
02-691 Warszawa 
ul. Obrzeżna 1c lok. 116
NIP 527-131-94-20
Tel.: +48 (22) 401 28 05
E-mail: kancelaria.prawnicza@imielska.pl

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