•  counseling on copyright protection and turnover thereof,    
  • holding negotiations and legal proceedings where copyright or related rights have been infringed,    
  • legal advice on agreements concerning the use of artistic work, in particular those concerning copyright assignments, granting license, permission for using and popularizing the image,    
  • reviewing, revising and drafting of agreements with authors and performers, in particular with graphic designers, composers, photographers, screenwriters and actors,    
  • legal advice on the already conducted advertising activities concerning alcohol, beer, pharmaceutical goods and grocery products,    
  • counseling on the lawfulness of advertising projects, including TV, radio, press and Internet advertisements, bearing particularly in mind elimination of the risk of unfair competition in the field of advertising,    
  • counseling on the conditions of TV, radio, press, Internet and billboard advertisements,    
  • review and drawing up advertising agreements with advertising agencies, media and production houses as well as with the media themselves,    
  • drawing up sponsorship contracts and counseling on legal conditions concerning sponsoring,    
  • conducting trainings in the copyright and the advertising right.

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dorota Imielska-Zadrożny
02-691 Warszawa 
ul. Obrzeżna 1c lok. 116
NIP 527-131-94-20
Tel.: +48 (22) 401 28 05
E-mail: kancelaria.prawnicza@imielska.pl

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