•  counseling on entering into civil law agreements by business entities operating in various industries, in particular FMCG, information technology, marketing and advertising,    
  • reviewing and preparing draft agreements relating to:
    • Internet,  electronic commerce, computer software, hardware and networks,          
    • turnover of intellectual and industrial property rights,          
    • purchase and transfer of tangible and intangible assets of business entities,          
    • distribution and logistic systems,          
    • service provision, turnover of commodities and commercial agency,          
    • marketing, advertising, promotional activities and databases creation and turnover,          
    • financing and settlements within the area of the business activity conducted,          
    • security for debts,          
    • taking up of joint ventures,          
    • real estate transactions,
  • representation clients in business and investment negotiations.

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dorota Imielska-Zadrożny
02-691 Warszawa 
ul. Obrzeżna 1c lok. 116
NIP 527-131-94-20
Tel.: +48 (22) 401 28 05
E-mail: kancelaria.prawnicza@imielska.pl

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