We provide legal services to domestic and international businesses.  We also provide services to individuals. Our Clients include companies operating in the FMCG sector, companies providing information technology, advertising and media as well as promotion and marketing services.

We have specialized in broadly understood law of business transactions. We offer advice in civil, company, industrial and intellectual property protection law. We provide professional legal services in all corporate matters, including in respect of drafting and amending articles of association of commercial companies, share purchase agreements, as well as represent clients before the National Court Register. We provide legal advice regarding aspects related to advertising, promotional and marketing activities. We provide advice on EU legislation. We participate in commercial and investment negotiations. We offer legal services in IT, Internet and e-business.

In addition to excellent knowledge of the law, we also have relevant business experience.  We cooperate with a patent attorney, notaries and tax advisors on a day-to-day basis.

We meet our Clients’ expectations while constantly increasing the level of services we provide. We use modern information technologies that have enabled us to effectively improve the work process. We have implemented solutions that help us to better manage knowledge, time, projects and documents. All this guarantees correct and timely performance of tasks entrusted to us and full satisfaction of our Clients.

In providing legal services, we attach great importance to understanding the goals and needs of our Clients and the market in which they operate. Our Clients’ goals are also our goals. Our task is to provide our Clients with legal security, while allowing them to implement planned projects.

We guarantee effective communication and a case-by-case approach. We offer our knowledge and experience to our Clients, while declaring full commitment to the performance of tasks entrusted to us, so that our work results bring measurable benefits to them.


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